Why Homeowners Should Consider Wood Veneers in San Fernando Valley, CA

Deciding to enclose the back porch and convert the space into a Florida room does involve choosing the right flooring option. One approach to consider is looking at the different Wood Veneers San Fernando Valley CA on the market today. Here are some of the reasons that wood veneer is a great option for the space.

The Look of the Real Thing

It will only require looking at a few brands of Wood Veneers San Fernando Valley CA to find something that looks just like authentic hardwood flooring. The veneers can imitate the look of everything from pine with a clear coat to oak sporting a deep, rich stain. Depending on the color scheme the homeowner has in mind, it will not be difficult to find veneer that is perfect for the area.


Wood veneers in San Fernando Valley CA will hold up well to a lot of wear and tear. Since the plan is to use the enclosed porch as a space for plants, lounging, and maybe as a cozy place to read, there will be a lot of traffic in the room. Rest assured that the right veneer will withstand all the comings and goings, and look just as good a decade from now as it does on the installation date.

How About Cleaning?

The fact that the veneer will last a long time is great, but what about the upkeep? Will the flooring require a lot of attention? The answer is no. Using something to sweep or dust the floor a few times a week will keep it looking fine. Going over the veneer with a basic cleaning agent and a damp mop will remove any lingering residue left by the sweeping. There will be no need to get down on both knees and scrub in order to maintain the flooring.

There are a number of other reasons to consider the installation of wood veneer. To get some ideas of the different colors and grain designs available, visit Hartersurfaces.com today and have a look around. The homeowner will find that it’s not a matter of finding something that will work. Instead, it will be a matter of deciding which veneer would be the best choice.

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