A Brief Guide to Travertine Flooring in Sacramento CA

by | Mar 25, 2016 | Flooring

Travertine flooring in Sacramento CA is beautiful, ambitious, and an impressive inclusion to any home. But, a lot of customers do not know what it is and what kinds of attributes it has. They know what it looks like. They know it is a visual spectacle. But, aside from that, they are in the dark. Below is a brief guide to the basics of travertine.

Travertine is in the limestone family. It is basically limestone that has had extra heat applied.

Travertine comes in an array of natural colors. Beige, brown, gray, and red are all common. The stone is typically a swirl of many different colors, and each stone can have any number of colors dispersed within it. The natural look is what makes travertine so gorgeous.

Travertine is most vulnerable to scratches. Fortunately, it may take years for these scratches to surface. Steady and reasonable maintenance is needed. Travertine has been used in homes for thousands of years.

It does not lose its color easily, but it can happen. The most valuable insight is to wipe away any spills, especially wine and coffee. Both have the potential to be problematic. Bleach should also not be used on the stone, but that applies to anything in the limestone family.

Travertine is most popularly used for countertops in a kitchen or bathroom. It can also be used for wall coverings although wall coverings are losing their popularity. Currently, travertine is the most popular option for shower spaces and bathrooms.

To combat any scratching that can occur upon the stone, the Travertine Flooring in Sacramento CA will use a concrete sealer. The sealant will actually seep into the small pores. This is a concrete-based filler that will support the look of the stone.

Click here for more details on the costs of travertine and how to get it installed in the home for the new season. Customers also want to know what sizes they can get, what maintenance is recommended, and how long the travertine will last if it is outside. These questions are vital for installing limestone that is so extravagant.

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