How SOD Installation in Elliott City, MD Benefits Homeonwers

by | Jan 21, 2019 | Landscaping

Healthy, well-tended lawns add beauty and value to homes. Unfortunately, it usually takes time, money, and work to improve patchy existing grass or grow lawns from seed. That is why homeowners often install sod instead. For example, clients who order professional SOD Installation in Elliott City MD have a new lawn in a day. The grass is guaranteed to be healthy and weed-free. Installing sod also helps stop soil erosion.

Sod Creates an Instant Lawn

Professional SOD Installation in Elliott City MD guarantees homeowners a new lawn within a few hours. The grass usually needs to be watered for about two weeks and mowed once before it is rooted, but it looks beautiful from the start. A newly sodded lawn immediately eliminates the mud that is common in newly seeded yards. A new green expanse of healthy grass immediately increases property values and curb appeal.

Sod Ensures Healthy Grass

Homeowners who want the healthiest grass often inquire about sod via sites like Landscapers’ websites generally include a “Click here” option that lets clients contact experts and request estimates. Professionals help them choose a type of sod that will thrive in their climate and environment. All sod is healthier than seeded lawns because it is grown in rich soil, watered regularly, and fertilized to ensure strong root development. There are no weeds and grass is disease-free. In fact, the grass is grown very densely, which tends to discourage weeds after installation. That reduces the need for homeowners to use herbicides during routine maintenance.

Sod Helps Prevent Soil Erosion

Clients who are building new homes often order sod early in the construction process to prevent soil from eroding. As soon as the new grass is installed, it stops soil from being washed away. Many customers with sparse existing lawns and drainage problems install sod to protect against the unsightly results of soil erosion. In many cases, the cost of sod is quickly offset by the reduced costs of repairing problems associated with large-scale soil washouts.

Homeowners who want instant lawns generally install sod. Using sod guarantees a beautiful, healthy lawn that is fully rooted in a short time. Installing sod can also eliminate muddy yards and stop soil erosion.

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