Some Wellington Florida Termite Control Tips

Every year in the United States, termites cause billions of dollars’ worth of property damage. There are essentially three kinds of termites in the United States – drywood, subterranean, and dampwood. Their names are fairly self-explanatory. Dampwood termites are a problem, but they are the least damaging of the three. However, that’s not very encouraging since your house is likely made of dry wood, which is preferred by drywood termites. They are the ones that eat through your walls and leave little mud tubes that slowly destroy your house. When you call an exterminator, they will have varying levels of success, but they will also put a lot of stress on the environment.

Environmental Concerns

Environmental impact is a big consideration of Wellington Florida termite control specialists. Obviously, they don’t want to destroy the environment just to reduce a termite problem, but some are definitely hurting it. Recently, however, some breakthrough chemicals have empowered termite control specialists to fight termites without harming the environment. This is especially great if you are treating termites in trees or bushes around your house. You wouldn’t want to create even more property damage while trying to reduce the damage from termites.


You need to pick a termite control specialist who has a lot of experience doing the job. There are many different products and services that claim to fight or control termites, but aren’t particularly effective. If you’ve never used one before, or if you haven’t been on the job for very long, you might not know which products work well and which don’t. An experienced specialist will know the difference and will use only the best possible products. These products range in intensity and application, but a specialist will know how and when to apply certain chemicals.

Pest control is a situation that is best handled by a professional. You should call a termite control specialist to ensure that the job is done right.

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