4 Ways to Tell If You Need a New Roof

Your roofing system isn’t going to last forever. Here are a few signs it’s time to check out replacement options.


How old is your roof? While sturdy and durable roofing systems can last for decades, it’s not going to withstand the elements forever. And if you’ve got asphalt shingles in place, then that’s only going to give you about twenty good years or so. If yours is already thirty and pushing to forty, you’ll need to consider a replacement soon. Browse through options for residential roofing in Orange CA to know more.


If your roof is too damaged that it has failed inspection, then there’s no help for it, the Consumer Affairs says. Listen to your contractor when he tells you that your roof is already beyond repair. You should get plenty of signs along the way, so this probably won’t be as much of a surprise to you. If you want to prevent interior damage to your home and your belongings, start scouting out residential roofing in Orange CA.


If you’re starting to find granules in your gutter, that’s another indication that you’ve got serious roofing problems. Once that happens, the quality of your roof will start to go. This will speed up the deterioration of your roof and lead to more problems. Get help from a roofing contractor to check the roof and the extent of the damage.


Go up to the attic with your roofer. If you see sunlight peeking through, that’s not a good sign. It means you’ve got leaks that need to be plugged and fixed. Otherwise, that’s going to let in the rain, cold and heat. To know how to go about fixing this problem, talk to a qualified and professional roofer. Call Business Name for help.

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