Hire A Home Builder in New Haven IN For A Custom Home

by | Feb 13, 2019 | Home Builders

When a family wants a new custom designed home, they must choose a Home Builder in New Haven IN. They will contact home builders such as Lancia Homes and be given the locations of planned communities. The next step is to visit those communities choosing the best one for them. Tour the model homes to check pricing and quality of construction. Some families will find a model home they like just as it is built and purchase that one to save time. Other families will opt to have their home custom designed and built by the Home Builder in New Haven IN.

Purchasing A Custom Home

For those families who choose to purchase a custom home, pricing will depend on many factors including the home size, the custom design features chosen, and the finishes used. The family should have a home purchase loan guaranteed before starting the process. Once the design has been finalized and a final home purchase price agreed upon, the loan amount will be finalized. With financing in place, the project can begin with the design choices finalized and blueprints drawn up.

Next, the construction begins and will be completed in well-planned stages. The lot is excavated, footings or basement dug, under-floor utilities installed, and cement poured. At this stage, there will be government inspections. The next stage is framing in the home and enclosing it. Then, the rough mechanicals are installed inside the walls and floors. When that is completed and approved, the whole house is drywalled. Now the house is taking shape and it is easier to picture the finished rooms.

When the drywalling is complete, the finishing stage can be completed. This includes installing doors, trim, and flooring. Painting all walls and ceilings. Installing cabinets and countertops, stairways, outlet and switch covers, and other finishes are completed. Now the final mechanical work is completed. This includes installing the heating and cooling equipment, the appliances, and the bathroom fixtures. This is when the light fixtures are installed.

Finished At Last

Finally, the completion stage is reached. Everything is inspected and paint and other finishes are touched up as needed. The home gets a thorough cleaning and then it is toured by the homeowner and the closing date is finalized. At the closing, the homeowner gets their house keys and the only thing left is to move in and enjoy the home. Contact Lancia Homes for additional information. You can follow them on Pinterest.

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