Hang it Up: Utilizing Hanging Closet Organizers

There are loads of ideas for closet storage: drawers, shelving, bins, carousel closets. But for those with tiny closets, these options don’t work for their particular situation. Some of the cheapest and easiest storage solutions come in the form of hanging organization. Whether it’s a rack for shoes, a hook for scarves, or a loop for belts, hanging storage offers a little extra room in the tightest of closets.

Shoe Racks

Shoe racks are great hanging closet organizer option for those with limited storage. Racks or organizers can hang over your closet door, on the inside or outside, depending on the depth of the closet, and offer an easy, cheap, and convenient way to organize multiple pairs of shoes at once. These organizers come in a variety of shapes and materials and can be utilized in different ways. Shoe organizers with pockets can hold small purses, ties, handkerchiefs, undergarments, etc., along with several pairs of shoes.


Another fantastic solution to limited closet space is a hanging organizer within your closet. These open, shelf-like storage units hang from the post within your closet and offer a great solution to organizing just about anything. All those small accessories that can be folded are easily tidied up within a hanging organizer.

Tie Racks

It’s very easy to amass quite the collection of neckties, and storage options for ties are readily available. Tie racks are easy to install within your closet; they can hang right on the back of the door. These racks keep ties neat and easy to find without taking up a lot of room.


Plain and simple, hooks are some of easiest storage options to utilize. Hooks can be mounted just about anywhere, and while they aren’t great for heavy objects like handbags, they work wonderfully with belts or even necklaces. Hooks can be stuck in narrow spaces between your clothes and the door, or right on the back of the closet door, making sure your accessories are easily accessible at all times.

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