Popular Types of Commercial Lights

by | Dec 13, 2018 | Home and Garden

Lights provide us with the ability to see where we are going. They illuminate our paths forward, whether the application is residential or commercial. Commercial lighting is typically used in commercial establishments like shops, hospitals, government buildings and offices. When you compare the lifespan of a commercial light fixture with the lifespan of a residential light fixture, the commercial light fixture will tend to last longer. Along with the durability comes a cost as well. Commercial lighting fixtures tend to be more expensive. With commercial lighting, there are a different set of standards that need to be met. Because they are used in working environments, they need to help accomplish tasks and ensure the illumination provided is adequate. We will now discuss the old and newer types of commercial lighting.

Incandescent Lights

These types of lights have been around for a very long time. They are among the oldest lights to cater to commercial environments. You will see this kind of lighting used as recessed lights, desk lights in office buildings and other commercial buildings in Victoria, BC. They have a great capacity to produce very bright light.

Halogen Lights

Halogen lights are commonly used as flood lights and security lights. They are also used to light up stadiums and sports arenas. They have a capacity to produce massive illumination, which make them very popular for these types of installations. They can also be used to light up retail shops. These types of bulbs are very energy efficient.

LED Lights

LED lights are the newcomers in the lighting market. They are very popular because they can last a long time and consume a lot less power. They are steadily gaining popularity because their purchase price is continually falling. In cities all over Canada, traditional traffic lights are being replaced with LED traffic lights. This reduces the cost of energy used and also reduces the frequency with which the bulbs need to be replaced. They have proven to be a welcome addition to the lighting market.

Light plays a crucial role in commercial spaces in Victoria, BC. The different types of lighting options available make it so that each unique space has the proper amount of light in order to facilitate the work being done. Because there are a wide variety of commercial buildings, there are a variety of lighting needs that need to be filled and therefore many commercial lighting options.

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