Great Options Exist in Yard Lamp Posts

by | Apr 16, 2018 | Home Design Services

Yard lamp post options can make a great addition to your outdoor space. Outdoor lighting is important for the maximum enjoyment of your outdoor living space. Whether dining al fresco, enjoying the weather, siting around a small campfire, or spending time in an outdoor pool or hot tub at night, lighting makes a difference. If you’re searching for options for great lamp posts for your outdoor space, you’ll find some helpful information below.

Yard lamp posts look fantastic and there are some great styles that incorporate design elements. Propane heaters that look like lamp posts, bug deterrent lights can also take on that style.

Lamp Posts with Accessories

There are also some great lamp posts that do more than simply provide lighting. They can serve as a décor spot during the day, too, such as with a plant hanger that allows you to display a hanging basket from the post. Adjustable heights are popular as are options with more than one light, either displaying several on top of the post or options that have globes at varying points along the length of the post.

A Variety of Lamppost Top Styles

Many styles exist for the top, too and in some finishes. You can have a dark wrought iron, stainless steel, or brushed nickel style as well as antique copper or a polished white.

Globes are also available for yard lamp posts in some shapes and styles. Teardrops, Trinidads, acorns and other shapes are available, such as special ones like pears, eggs, ovals, and more. Street lamps for our yard could also have multiple globes on top in a variety of configurations.

You’ll want to be cautious about choosing the right outdoor lighting for longevity and safety. And there are some great options that can be shipped directly to you. Like us our facebook page.

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