Perks of Street Light Globe Fixtures

by | Dec 30, 2019 | Home Design Services

Whether you’re completing a charming al fresco dining space or complementing a driveway entry, consider adding street light globe fixtures to your exterior areas. Read on below for a speedy summary of the boundless benefits this quaint style of exterior lighting provides.

Maximized Exterior Functionality

Without enough lighting, your outdoor spaces lose a significant portion of their functionality at night. Welcome visitors to relax in your outdoor areas at all times by placing street light globe fixtures in high use areas. Consider illuminating spaces like patios, verandas, and garden paths to maximize their functionality and usability.

Greater Nocturnal Security and Safety

Regardless of if you’re young or old, stumbling across dark yards or pitch black walkways always spells trouble. One easy way to reduce tripping hazards is spacing street lights around key outdoor spaces. Additionally, outdoor lighting acts as a deterrent for crime. Consider posting fixtures around the entries and perimeter of your property, for added security.

Additional Curb Appeal

During daylight or darkness, you can always be sure that globe street lights will add significantly to your curb appeal. In the daylight hours, the fixtures act as accents to your landscaping and architectural style. In the dark, street lights act as beacons that increase the ambiance, functionality, and safety of your exterior spaces.

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