Enjoy Energy Efficient Heat This Winter

by | Dec 26, 2019 | Home and Garden

Burning logs in the hearth the traditional way, although cozy, can be a very inefficient way to heat your home. With the flue open and natural wood burning rapidly, you end up burning more wood and losing more heat out of the chimney, which will only cost you money in the end. If you have a gas fireplace, one of our Emberside vent free gas logs can heat your home more efficiently without putting out the same pollutants as natural wood and other sources.

Installation Made Easy

We understand that it’s satisfying to be able to throw a few logs into the fireplace and crank up the gas to light them up. That’s why we made the installation of our vent free gas logs straight forward and quick to complete. All you have to do is close the flue in your fireplace, set the logs in your hearth, and attach the hose to your gas line for a cozy fire during a cold winter’s night.

Various Sizes

No two hearthstones are precisely alike, so we’ve created two different sizes of Emberside vent free gas logs to choose from. You can choose between a manual and thermostat set of logs that are 18-inches in length or a manual 24-inch set of logs. With our vent free gas logs in your fireplace this winter season, you’ll burn less gas and warm your home more efficiently.

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