Don’t Let Your Kids Be Tick Bait: Use Lawn Spraying in Aurora CO!

It’s your daughter’s ninth birthday, and what a delightful gathering you have assembled in your back yard! Ten little nine-year-old girls laugh and shriek as they splash in the sprinkler, while their parents gather with drinks by the barbecue, where the charcoal is just beginning to turn white. The late afternoon breeze stirs the ruffles on the table top umbrellas, and on the serving table the queen of the evening awaits, adorned with nine pink candles: a Barbie birthday cake with “Happy Birthday Brittney!” emblazoned on it in swirls of magenta icing. Everyone is prepared to enjoy a relaxed party and a happy birthday celebration when suddenly, there is a scream!

Up rushes your daughter, sobbing hysterically. “Mama, look! There’s bugs, Mama, millions of them, and they won’t come off!”

“Millions” might be an exaggeration, but there on your daughter’s legs, and now, it seems, on the legs of her friends, who are joining the general rise of hysteria as they discover the tiny clinging critters, are dozens of tiny seed ticks, all attached, and sucking away as if they were vampires. Talk about ruining a good party!

And the sad thing? It all could have been avoided with Lawn Spraying In Aurora CO.

It’s common knowledge that ticks flourish in the hot Florida climate. They bite both pets and people, and carry diseases such as Lyme Disease and Rocky Mounted Spotted Fever. The threats these pests represent are easily avoided a few precautionary measures. Things that people can do to help minimize the threat ticks represent:

Treat pets with preventative flea and tick medication. If treated with the proper medication, the animal then acts as a flea/tick killer, for every pest which bites your pet will then die.

Mow the lawn.Cut grass to three inches or less in height, to allow for the penetration of sunlight. Ticks prefer humid environments, and won’t hang around as readily in areas where the sunlight is allowed to penetrate. Trim overhanging tree branches which shadow the lawn. Call Ironwood Earthcare for routine Lawn Spraying In Aurora CO. Just as you treat the interior of your home for roaches, ants and silverfish, you should treat the lawn for fleas and ticks.

Worry not. Little girls are easily soothed, their memories are short and the party is salvageable. However, remember that for next year’s party, Lawn Spraying In Aurora CO will make worries about ticks a thing of the past!

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