Gutter Installation Tips

by | Apr 19, 2018 | bathroom renovation

Whether you’re installing brand-new gutters or replacing your old, worn-out gutters, there’s a lot you should know about gutter installation. It’s important to get it right, otherwise you may risk ruining the structural integrity of the gutters themselves. Remember that these devices are put in place to catch rainwater and guide it away from the house, so that the wooden parts of your structure don’t become subject to mold or rot. In order to understand how to properly install gutters, take a look at the following tips below.

Understand the Project Before You Start

Make sure you have a full understanding of how and when you’re going to execute the project before you begin. Planning involves inspecting your soffit for signs of rot, and getting that taken care of before putting your new gutters on. You also need to make sure you have bare wood prepared before you begin.

Make All Measurements

You should have familiarity with the measurements of your house. You can even create a sketch of your exterior so you understand where to begin. Put markings where your downspouts and gutter runs will go. Make sure the length of your rain gutter matches your sketches, and take into account the extra room you’ll need for your downspouts.

Pre-Assemble Your Gutters

Most gutters require some pre-assembly before they can be installed. It’s typically easier to join the gutter sections together while they’re still on the ground, rather than trying to do it while they’re already hovering in the air below your shingles. And when the sections overlap, make sure the inside section is facing down so the water does not run out of the seams.

Install Your Downspouts

Do a triple-check to make sure the length between the corner of your house and the desired downspout location is matching. Also make sure that there is nothing obstructing the way of your downspouts. Make sure your dimensions match up when it comes time to install the downspouts.

Add Some Slope

Make sure you take sloping into account! The type of downspouts determines how neatly and how quickly your gutters will empty themselves of water. Make sure the gutters are level and adjust for the slope you want to achieve, making sure that the water will pour the right way naturally.

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