Bathroom Glass Doors in Philadelphia: Custom Options, Luxurious Effects

by | Feb 21, 2020 | bathroom renovation

The bedroom and bathroom are among the most private, comfortable rooms in one’s house. Each presents its own unique assortment of changeable design options for optimal comfort, beauty and practicality. Bathroom glass doors in Philadelphia are just such an option, offering a plethora of opportunities for savvy individuals to build a dream bathroom that doesn’t break the bank.

Choose a Setup

Bathroom glass doors come in three main categories: bathtub doors, shower doors and shower enclosures. Bathtub doors stand above a bathtub, enclosing the tub in a sturdy glass structure that eliminates the need for bars and curtains. The choice of frame-enclosed, semi-frameless and frameless allows clients to tweak bathroom design to specific requirements or sensibilities.

Similar to bathtub doors, shower doors stand flush with shower stall walls, transforming a stall into a cleverly partitioned niche whose glass front serves as a permanent curtain.

More dramatic than shower doors, shower enclosures are a freestanding glass booth situated over appropriate fixtures. They’re available in a variety of widths, spanning enough length to accommodate one person or many.

Door Types & Glass Thickness

Bathtub doors, shower doors and enclosures all boast two main door types: pivot and sliding. Sliding doors move smoothly along a horizontal track built into the door’s frame or its frameless construction. Pivot doors swing on an axis, in or out depending on preference.

All premium bathroom glass doors consist of tempered glass, a thermally treated glass engineered to withstand enormous surface tension. Glass door thicknesses ranging from 6 millimeters to 12 millimeters are available and entirely a matter of preference.

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