Your Timeline of a New Window Installation in Shorewood, WI

Window replacement can be stressful. Windows are often part of the home that we do not think about until something is wrong with it – or it needs replacing. When that happens, finding a company offering window installation in Shorewood, WI can be stressful enough.

Knowing what to expect from the process can be even more so.

Here is your step-by-step guide for what to expect from window installation in Shorewood, WI and how to prepare so you can rest easy while your installation professionals handle the job:

Initial Meeting and Walkthrough

Before the process begins, your installation pros will usually meet with you and do a walkthrough of your home and the areas where windows will be replaced. This may be done in advance if your schedule necessitates it, or it may be done on the day of the installation. Be sure to ask any questions during this time, as your contractor should be happy to explain the entire process in detail during this initial meeting.


Once you have agreed on the work that will be done, your installation team will prepare and protect your home. This includes asking you to remove window treatments and anything that might be close or fragile enough to the workspace to be damaged. After that, they will put down drop cloths and prepare your home to keep dirt and debris from causing interior damage.

Next, the window opening will be cleaned. Damaged seals or frames will be repaired or replaced. A clean, ready window opening makes for a smooth installation.

Installation and Cleanup

Next, your installation team will put your new windows in place. Once they are installed, the contractors will ensure that they fit perfectly and work correctly. The seal will be insulated so that the windows are airtight, and caulking or anything else that needs to be replaced will be.

Lastly, your contractor and their team will clean up the workspace. Once finished, you should be free to begin using your new windows to let in fresh air – or keep it out – immediately!

Experience stress-free window installation with Heins Contracting in Shorewood, WI! Let our expert team guide you through the process, from the initial meeting and walkthrough to the meticulous installation and cleanup. For more information, visit

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