Save Space in Your Bathroom With a Custom Glass Shower in Bloomingdale, IL

When you enter a bathroom, the shower often occupies a significant amount of space, making it a design focal point. If your bathroom is smaller, dark, or has other design challenges, custom glass shower enclosures in Bloomingdale, IL can elevate your bathroom to a whole new level.

Maximize Available Space

In a smaller space, customized showers can take on different dimensions than the standard cube or tub-shaped shower. You can have a custom-tailored glass shower designed to fit in a corner or other often unused space, opening up the rest of the area for other purposes. You can also take advantage of different door types, such as sliding, bi-fold, or pivot styles, to reduce the space needed for opening and closing the entrance door.

Upgraded Features

Custom glass shower enclosures in Bloomingdale, IL can have tile, hardware, and other features that match or accentuate the other decor in your bathroom and home. You can add an extendable shower head, easy-to-use knobs, and stability handles to increase your safety and enjoyment while showering. For space-saving, custom showers can add a built-in bench and built-in wall units that hold soap, shampoo bottles, and other items.

Design Versatility

Consider designing your new shower with an angled or curved enclosure to enhance your bathroom’s existing space. Showers that have glass walls provide an illusion of more space and allow light to pass through, which can make your bathroom appear larger. You can also choose a clean, sleek minimalist design that contributes a serene, uncluttered look to your bathroom.

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