Why You Should Add a Weathervane to the Garage & Where to Find Them on Sale

Weathervanes seem old-fashioned, but they’re not. They are still useful decorations today as they were a century ago. You can learn a lot about weathervanes and weather simply by adding one to your garage or to your home’s ridgepole. Here’s why you should add a weathervane to your garage and where to find weathervanes for sale.

A Change in Wind Direction Signals a Change in Weather

Farmers have used weathervanes for centuries to determine when and how they should work each day. A change in wind direction is detected by a weathervane, and that change in wind direction signals a change in the weather. A fast-spinning vane means that particularly bad weather is on the way in and that the farmer should refrain from doing more than feeding livestock and milking cows that day. A slow-moving vane or one that doesn’t move at all for lack of wind means that it may be very hot or very cold out and stay that way all day, depending on the time of year. You can be your own weather forecaster simply by attaching a weathervane to your garage or home.

Weathervanes for Sale From Companies That Make Them

There are a lot of online companies that make custom weathervanes, but you can buy the most commonly manufactured weathervane styles from almost any online retailer of outdoor products and landscaping accessories. Chose from a freestanding weathervane or one that requires a cupola mounted to a ridgepole on a roof. Order your vane from us.

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