Tips for Choosing Exterior Siding in Lawrence Kansas

by | Oct 26, 2016 | Windows

The right type of Exterior Siding in Lawrence Kansas can help to protect a home and dramatically boost the look of the structure. However, if the material is not installed properly, or selected without considering the weather and climate in a person’s location, it can adversely affect a person’s home value. Finding and fixing these issues in a timely manner can help a homeowner maintain the integrity of their selected siding, as well as their home. In some cases, it may be necessary to replace the existing siding. If replacement is necessary, there are a few factors to consider to ensure the right siding is selected.

Water Resistance

When a homeowner chooses a water-resistant type of siding, it is going to have a longer life span than other options. Every siding material works to combat the intrusion of water differently. Vinyl siding has to have space to contract and expand so this means that a waterproof barrier needs to be installed over the exterior of the home in order to create a shield against the moisture. If moisture becomes trapped against the exterior of a home, it can result in rotting, mildew and other types of damage both externally and internally. Also, if certain areas of siding don’t receive sun, it can begin to develop algae or mold buildup because the moisture is not dried quickly.

Energy Efficiency

It is also important for a homeowner to check the R-value rating regarding energy savings and fully understand what is needed in regard to insulation under the cladding. All Exterior Siding in Lawrence Kansas comes with an R-value that measures the energy efficiency of the material. The higher that the R value is, the better thermal insulation it offers. For example, stucco siding offers an R-Value of .4, while vinyl siding offers a 2.0 to 3.0 R-value.

When it comes to siding, it is important to find the best option for the needs of the particular home. Taking the time to get to know what is available will help anyone figure out what their home needs. More information about this can be found by visiting the website.

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