4 Things to Look for in the Best Roofer in Nashville

The Better Business Bureau receives thousands of complaints each year, and many of these focus on roofing companies. Most homeowners are unfamiliar with industry best practices, and the cost of a bad investment is high. Therefore, customers should search for a reliable local roofer regardless of the job’s size.

Before Hiring

Due diligence is critical when hiring a residential roofer. Customers should find out about the company’s background, ask for references from past customers and hold an in-person interview with a company representative. Many roofers sell jobs and hire subcontractors, some of whom have little roofing experience. A homeowner’s research should help them determine whether the company certifies and trains employees, or if they simply sell jobs at rock-bottom prices. Other qualities to be found in the best roofer in Nashville are listed below.

Time in the Business

Many roofing companies last less than five years. A company like us has a long, successful history and an interest in serving the community. By learning how long the company has been in business and by reading online reviews, potential customers can get an idea of what’s to be expected.

Bonding, Licensing and Insurance

When a roofer is licensed, customers have the assurance that the company is in compliance with the law. Bonding ensures that jobs are finished even if the original contractor cannot complete the work, and insurance protects both sides from liability in the event of workplace injury or property damage.

Worker Testing and Training

Roofing crews cannot install systems correctly without the proper training. The best companies invest in worker training to ensure all subcontractors know roofing products and the preferred method of installation. Customers should search for a roofing company that is certified by the manufacturer to install the desired product.

A Physical Address

Anyone can print some business cards and run a business out of a work truck. If a company has a brick-and-mortar address, they have made an investment in the company and they are more likely to be around to honor a materials and labor warranty.

Roofing is a significant investment, and homeowners must live with the results for years whether they are good or bad. The best roofer in Nashville wants to earn customers’ business, and they provide the right level of service to do so.

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