Illnesses Carried By Skunks Requiring Immediate Skunk Removal in Columbus OH

As soon as a person sees a skunk roaming around their yard, it is best to call animal control immediately. Skunks carry a number of diseases that can be passed on to humans and other animals in the area, such as a dog or cat. Skunk Removal in Columbus OH will ensure the animal gets removed so the chance for the spread of any illnesses it is carrying is limited.

Canine Hepatitis

Canine hepatitis is more commonly seen in dogs, wolves, and coyotes, but skunks have been known to be impacted as well. A skunk with this disease can easily spread it to a dog in the area if they come in contact with each other. This version of hepatitis causes damage to the liver.


Any mammal can contract Leptospirosis. Infected animals pass the disease through their urine. A person or animal that touches any soil, water, or food that has been impacted can get the disease. It can also be received through skin to skin contact, such as a person touching their pet while they are unaware their dog or cat has recently been exposed. It is a bacterial infection that typically causes flu symptoms, but can also worsen and lead to kidney or liver failure.


While fleas themselves are not exactly an illness, they can carry different diseases that are easily spreadable to other animals in the vicinity. A skunk with fleas should be immediately removed from the area, as the insects jump from place to place easily. They could hop off the skunk and make their way onto pets and people nearby. There is a high possibility of fleas infecting cats and dogs with Bartonella, a disease that causes fever, vomiting, and swollen lymph nodes. Typhus may be passed to people, which causes a purple rash, fever, and delirium.

Skunk Removal in Columbus OH should occur as soon as any skunk is found within a neighborhood or near a home. These animals have a high potential to carry a number of diseases that can effect both pets and people. click here to learn more about the skunk removal process and set up a time to speak to an animal control expert.

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