Polymarble Shower Bases: Benefits And Considerations

Polymarble shower bases are comprised of polyurethane resin and gel coatings for the surfaces. Other fillers can also be used to ensure rigidity and strength. The material is a very solid, durable, and attractive option that’s been used in bathroom products for many decades. One of the biggest benefits of using such material is that it can be moulded into almost any shape. Therefore, if your shower system has an oddly shaped floor, you can still find a base that is suitable for your needs. Along with such, you can have a lot of detail in the base. If you want an intricate design or pattern, you can likely get it.

Polymarble shower bases are also very hygienic; therefore, you don’t have to worry about standing on the base day after day and risk infection from bacteria. They are also easier to clean than other materials. You can use any shower cleaning product you desire, but you can also make your own cleaner. As long as it is mild and not too abrasive, you can use whatever products and cleaning tools you need. Plus, you may find that you spend less time cleaning because there are no grout lines to scrub between.

Mr Sink offers a variety of products to suit your needs. It is imperative that you select the right polymarble shower bases for your shower systems. Whether you have one bathroom or many, the base is the most important aspect. Without it, water would likely go everywhere each time you took a shower. It’s essential that the base is waterproof because you don’t want to damage the floor over time with leaked water. You can also find a variety of styles, such as those with drain holes in the middle or at the top. That way, you can ensure that your current plumbing system will mesh well with your new shower base.

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