Interior Design: How to Incorporate Ceiling Fans

by | May 2, 2019 | Businesses & Services

Ceiling fans once had the reputation of being loud and tacky. Despite what you may have felt about ceiling fans in the past, it is time to reconsider. The fans of today are sleek, stylish and quiet. They are easy to incorporate in to any design setting. Get some ideas about how to add a ceiling fan into your home.

Flush Mount or Down Rod?

The first consideration is whether to buy a flush mount model or down rod. Flush mount fans have a body that is directly attached to the ceiling. They do not take up a lot of air space in the room. Down rod models have a tube that extends the length of the fan. This allows it to hang down a few feet from the ceiling. Both models have their pros and cons. In most cases, you’ll need a high ceiling if you opt for the down rod model. You’ll also want to measure the spacing for the best results.

Getting the Right Size

Just like everything else, fans come in different sizes. The majority of fan blades will measure around 52 inches. However, if the design plan calls for it, you can go down to 30 inches or less. Ceiling fans with lights Victoria BC come in a wide variety of sizes. It all depends on what type of look you want.

Style is Everything

The funnest part of buying a ceiling fan is picking out a style. There are a wide variety of styles on the market. You can go for a mid-century look, rustic style or even a smart fan. Some kitchen or living room styles may even call for a heavy, industrial-style fan. When it comes to picking ceiling fans with lights Victoria BC, the ultimate decision is yours to make.

Last Piece of Advice

Take time to pick out the right fan for your home. This item will be the centerpiece of your room. Not only will it keep the home’s occupants cool, it will also set the feeling for the entire room.

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