A Bathroom After Your Style

by | May 4, 2019 | Kitchen Renovation

The bathroom of your home can sometimes be a bit difficult to design simply because it’s a smaller space. However, there are a few design ideas that can transform an ordinary bathroom into one that feels like a spa and that has the comforts that you desire to relax after a long day. If you have enough space, then consider one of the elegant bathroom designs in Boca Raton companies can achieve, such as a shower with a glass door in the corner of the room with the tub in another corner. A long white vanity sits against another wall with scones on the wall for delicate lighting.

While many that you see are white or feature lighter colors, don’t be afraid to go a bit bolder by using black. However, you want to add a few splashes of color with rugs and pictures that are on the wall. A nice contrast would be a white sink and a white toilet against the black design, which is an option to discuss with bathroom designs Boca Raton companies.

When you’re designing the bathroom, think about the accents that you include. A pebble floor in a walk-in shower along with pebble tiles on the shower walls is an idea that you likely won’t see in other bathrooms. This would be an option to consider if the other decorations in the room are a beach theme, such as seashells or lighthouses. Fresh flowers, bamboo shades, and other green details work well as accents in a white bathroom that features a fresh and uplifting atmosphere. You could also use simple colors of light blue or pale yellow with clean and simple lines for a classic bathroom that you can easily renovate in the future with different colors and designs. These ideas can often be used in bathrooms of any size.

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