Pest Control and Lawn Maintenance in Wellington Florida

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Pest Control

Many home and business owners operate under the assumption that pest control and Lawn Maintenance Wellington Florida are separate components that require hiring different companies. That will take a substantial amount of time and money as well as double the professionals in and around the property. The truth is that effective pest control starts with experienced lawn care.

Prevent Building Infestations

Protecting the property from the outside will drastically reduce the chances of pests getting inside. Ants, spiders, mosquitoes, and other pests can be stopped before ever reaching the building. Lawn problems like fungus, weeds in the turf, and whiteflies in the plants will not only damage the property. Those issues will also attract other pests to the vicinity.

Affordable, safe, and effective Lawn Maintenance Wellington Florida includes control of lawn pests, weeds, root feeding, fungus control, and fertilization of lawn and plants. Care for ornamental plants is offered as well. Should any pests enter the home or business, the company provides complete services for that problem.

Save Money

Companies that specialize in both Lawn Maintenance and pest control, such as Above & Beyond Pest Control in Wellington Florida, often offer packages to allow customers to save money. Regular spraying for mosquitoes is a perfect example. Instead of paying to have a technician arrive to spray when called, one will be sent to the location as part of a maintenance plan. Arriving only when called can get expensive because it is full price each time. A maintenance package for the business is offered at a flat rate that is lower than separate pricing.

Ornamental Plants

These plants are supposed to look stunning and entice new customers to a business or highlight the yard around a home. Depending on the type of plant and the material of the planter, extra care will be needed. A palm tree in a concrete planter will be subject to root rot, binding of the roots, and mold from water retention. A wooden planter increases the exposure to ants, whiteflies, and termites.

Arrange for a free inspection of the property to determine which services will keep it healthy, beautiful, and free of pests. The experienced technician can assess the situation and provide recommendations for action. Visit for more information.

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