How Maintenance Roofing Services in Eugene Save Homeowners Money

by | Jan 27, 2022 | Home Improvement

Roof maintenance is something every homeowner should make a top priority. A well-maintained roof requires fewer repairs, lasts longer, and prevents water damage. It also saves homeowners money in other ways.

1. Well-maintained Roofs Lower Energy Costs

Homeowners who are tired of high energy bills might want to have their roofs inspected. Holes, missing shingles, and other roof damage makes the roof more susceptible to energy loss. Those minor roofing issues could be contributing to energy loss, making one’s heating and cooling less efficient and leading to high utility bills.

2. Extend the Roof’s Lifespan with Proper Maintenance

The average asphalt roof lasts 25-30 years with regular maintenance. However, not all homeowners have roofs that make it this long. Some homeowners find they need to replace their roofs sooner because of widespread damage caused by lack of maintenance. Since a new roof can cost anywhere from $10,000 or more, depending on the materials used, it pays to do everything one can to keep their roof in great shape for as long as possible.

How Often Should Roofing Maintenance Be Done?

There are two kinds of roof maintenance that homeowners should concern themselves about, visual maintenance and professional maintenance. Routinely, check the roof from the ground for signs of damage. Do this after storms, but also when performing yard maintenance. If there are obvious problems like missing shingles or water damage on the ceiling, call for repairs.

Professional maintenance should be scheduled once a year. For more information about roofing services in Eugene, contact Armadillo Roofing Inc., online at

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