Contacting A Service That Eradicates Termites In Pasadena

by | May 17, 2019 | Pest Control

When termites infest the structural materials of a building, significant damage is likely to occur. The best way to eliminate these insects from a property is to contact a pest control service that deals with Termites in Pasadena. Here is some general information about termites to read over so you recognize their presence and learn how to keep them from returning to a structure after a pest control service eliminates them.

Know The Signs Of A Problem

Be on the lookout for telltale signs that termites are present on a property. One visible sign is when wood within a home has small holes or cracks present within it. Look for sawdust around these voids which indicates something from within the wood is causing remnants to drop to floors or nearby surfaces. Termites will cause wood to sound hollow. Knock on structural beams to determine whether termites are likely hiding inside. Wings are usually noticed in areas where termites frequent as well.

Keep Termites Away For Good

After a pest control service treats a property for termites, take steps to ensure they do not return again in the future. Beneficial nematodes work well at eating termites on a property so they do not make their way to a structure. These are purchased from a garden supply store and do not pose any threats to pets or children. Alternately, try termite bait traps to kill off entire colonies of termites that live underground. These consist of hollow tubing that you insert into the soil around a structure. The bait is placed inside and is accessed from the bottom of the tubing.

Contact A Pest Control Service

If termites are suspected to have invaded a home, a call to a pest control service in the area is necessary to ensure they are removed completely. A pest control service will evaluate the property for signs of these pests and will use proper methods to kill them so they are no longer a risk.

When there is a need to call a pest control service for a termite problem, contact one known for fast response times and competitive pricing. Take a look at usfor more information today.

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