Tips For Installing Shed Foundation Piers In Oklahoma City OK

by | May 17, 2019 | Foundation Repair

A shed can add valuable storage or work space to any home, provided it’s well constructed with a sturdy foundation. There are two types of foundations that are commonly used for sheds: a poured concrete slab and a pier foundation. Homeowners should check their local building codes to find out what type of foundation is required for the type of structure they plan to build. The following are some tips for installing Shed Foundation Piers in Oklahoma City OK.

Prepare The Ground First

Before installing a pier foundation, it’s necessary to prepare the ground. This typically involves digging up any grass or weeds in the area where the shed will be placed. It’s a good idea to excavate all roots so that they don’t try to send new shoots up through the shed floor. If the area doesn’t drain well, it may be helpful to dig down about four inches and pour a layer of gravel.

Make A Grid

Making a grid is a way to determine where the piers will be located. Builders can construct a grid by first placing wooden stakes in the ground at approximately 4 foot intervals around the perimeter of the foundation area. Strings that connect stakes across the length and the width of the area form the grid. In addition to the points along the perimeter, piers should be installed at each intersection of string.

Prepare Holes For The Piers

Once the grid is marked, it’s time to dig. Holes for foundation piers should be at least 1 foot in diameter and 1 foot below the frost line. Each hole will need to be filled with up to six inches of gravel to provide a little extra support for each pier.

Install The Piers

Builders who construct their own piers will place a wooden pier into each hole and then fill the hole almost to the top with wet concrete. If using pre-made concrete, they can insert the blocks into the ground and pour additional concrete around them.

At this point, builders can take a break because the concrete will need four weeks to fully cure. To learn more about installing Shed Foundation Piers in Oklahoma City OK, visit Website.

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