Advantages of Wide-Plank Hardwood Flooring Over the Narrow-Plank Type

During your home remodel or new build, you’ve searched for the perfect hardwood floor. You’ve considered engineered wood, laminate, and luxury vinyl hardwood tiles, but you just didn’t see one you liked. Have you considered the width of the planks? Wide-plank hardwood floors make a statement that slimmer planks can’t make. Here are some benefits of wide plank hardwood flooring in Hinsdale, IL.

Faster Installation

Wide-plank floors range from 5 inches to 20 inches in width. Two to four narrow planks will fit inside one wide plank. It takes less time to install a wide-plank floor, saving the homeowner on the costs of labor and materials.

Nature’s Bounty

Wide planks show more of the wood’s grain, knots, swirls, and color variations. This natural look gives rooms an aura they might not otherwise have had.

An Expansive Look

Wide-plank hardwood flooring in Hinsdale makes any room look larger. Fewer edges and creases in the flooring make small spaces look bigger.

Water Resistance

Wide-plank flooring can be finished in the factory under temperature-controlled circumstances, or it can be finished on-site. On-site finishing has its advantages, one of which is sealing. This prevents water from getting between the planks and causing trouble.

It’s Eco-Friendly

Younger trees don’t have the circumference to be used in the wide plank flooring industry. What you’ll see in a flooring showroom is repurposed wide-plank flooring or wood recycled from old buildings like barns or long-dead, old-growth trees. This means you’ll be getting antique flooring that’s unique and fits in with your desire for green living.

Wood Is Less Susceptible to Humidity Changes

Certain types of wood resist changes in relative humidity better than others. These are oak, pine, white ash, teak, and black walnut. There are other choices, of course, and methods by which the flooring can resist changes in humidity.

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