Pros and Cons of Using Laminate in Lawrence, KS

by | Jul 6, 2016 | Carpets

It can be very difficult to decide just which type of flooring to use in a home. Hardwood flooring and natural stone tiles are two of the most coveted options, but these may be outside the budget of many people. Using Laminate in Lawrence KS can be a good alternative. Understanding the pros and cons of using this type of flooring may help make the decision a little bit easier.


Laminate flooring tends to range in price from $3 to $7 per square foot, including installation. This is much less than the $6 to $15 per square foot for wood or the $8 to $50 for stone flooring. Since laminate can imitate the look of either of these materials, it is often used as a more affordable alternative to these types of flooring.


Laminate in Lawrence KS tends to be relatively durable. It can’t be refinished like hardwood, but it tends to better resist moisture, stains and scratches when cared for properly. Some brands are better than others for this, however, so look for one with a long warranty on the wear layer that tops off laminate flooring for the best results.


This type of flooring doesn’t require much in the way of maintenance. Get rid of dust and dirt with a broom or a vacuum, or, when necessary, use a damp mop with laminate floor cleaner to get rid of any spots or stains. Don’t soak the floor, as this could lead to damage, especially if the floor isn’t perfectly installed.


Installation of laminate flooring tends to be very fast and easy, as many brands now offer pieces that click and lock together, so there isn’t any need to deal with glueing pieces together. It also doesn’t usually require much in the way of special tools, so a talented do-it-yourselfer may be able to handle the installation on their own.

Resale Value

The one drawback to laminate is that it doesn’t increase the resale value of a home like using wood or stone can do. However, it doesn’t decrease the value either.

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