4 Top Reasons Homeowners Nationwide Choose One-Piece MDF Doors

A kitchen remodeling job often includes new cabinets. Homeowners going through this type of remodeling have many decisions to make. One of those decisions is deciding between one-piece MDF doors and five-piece MDF doors. Keep reading to learn why more people choose one-piece doors.

Seamless Craftsmanship

One-piece MDF kitchen cabinet doors are made using a CNC Nesting Router. The way the door is fabricated creates a seamless, beautiful solid piece of wood that’s appealing to homeowners interested in clean, simple lines.

No Risk of Cracking

One-piece doors are made from high-quality wood. After it’s fabricated, installed, and painted, there’s no risk of cracking that is common with other door types. The material is stable and center panel movement is non-existent because the door is one-piece. Without this movement, there’s no risk of micro-cracks. Homeowners who install one-piece doors can feel confident that their doors will look as good in ten years as they did the first day they were installed.

One-piece Doors Cost Less

Unlike multi-piece doors, one-piece doors and drawer fronts don’t require as much manual labor to fabricate. The cost savings are passed onto the consumer purchasing these doors. When one doesn’t want to compromise style for cost, they choose one-piece doors.

Great in Humid Climates

Humidity fluctuations in homes can affect the condition of doors over time. One-piece doors stand up great in humid conditions, retaining their beauty and don’t warp or crack.

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