New Garage Doors in Athens Ga and Other Renovations to Older, Detached Structures

by | Dec 3, 2021 | Home Improvement

People generally tend to pay more attention to the maintenance and appearance of attached garages with older homes, especially when the front of the structure is easily viewed from the street. A detached garage that faces an alley or that is set far back from the street may not seem as important in regard to upkeep. When the house is put up for sale, some prospective buyers will quickly start thinking about shopping for new Garage Doors in Athens. They’ll want to get the structure renovated if it has experienced some deterioration, and they may want newer doors that are more energy efficient and attractive.

A contractor such as can do the renovation work on this building and also install new Garage Doors in Athens. Some older garages still don’t even have an automatic door opening system, and that will probably be a priority on the new owner’s list of projects to be done. The building may need a new roof if there is evidence of leaking inside. Some homeowners never bother to have a detached garage reroofed even if they get this work done on the house. They might not have bothered to get new siding for the garage, even if they had new siding put on the house. They might not have paid attention to the wood fascia starting to deteriorate. All these projects can be done when the new garage doors are installed. An interested property owner may click here to learn more.

If the garage has two stalls, the new homeowner may want a change in the existing structure. If there currently is just one large door, a contractor may be able to modify the garage to convert it to a two-door model. Conversely, the homeowner might want two doors converted to a one-door style. The remodeling contractor evaluates the building to determine what types of modifications it can withstand. Homeowners also must consider that this type of work can add significant cost to the garage remodeling project, but that may not matter if the change is what they truly want. Satisfaction with the home can be the most important factor. Visit Select Door Service for more information.

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