6 Tile Buying Mistakes to Avoid

Tiling your space is fun. But it’s also a challenging task. You’ll want to keep a few things in mind before you get started. Here are some of the costly mistakes you should look out for.

Buying from a Dodgy Store

Before anything else, make sure you get the supplies you need from a trusted tile store in Bristol, PA. Check its background and history. If the firm has been around for more than a few decades, that’s ideal. Look at the shop’s reputation as well. Experience and reputation are all indicators of a trustworthy shop.

Not Ordering Enough

Don’t order the exact number of tiles you need. Some tiles will break and go to waste. It’s best that you order a few extra tiles—about 15 percent more of what you need. That way, your renovation project won’t have to stall just because you’re short of a few tiles. Also, it’s a hassle to book a contractor again just to finish the task.

Throwing Spares Away

You might have a cracked tile or two. If you have any spare tiles from the project, store them somewhere safe. That way, if you need to replace a tile years later, you still have your spares.

Getting the Wrong Size

When you shop around for tiles, you’ll want to check if the size is ideal for the area. If you’re buying floor tiles for a cozy bathroom, though, don’t pick small tiles. Bigger ones create the illusion of extra space, so the fewer grout lines, the better.

Forgetting About Samples

Ask for samples before you buy tiles. That will help you see the color in person and whether you like the texture for your home and space.

Choosing Price Over Quality

Buying cheap will get you tiles that you’ll need to replace sooner rather than later. Pick options of better quality to save on long-term costs Tile Gallery.

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