Window Shutter Designs for Your Home from Fort Lauderdale Companies

by | Dec 18, 2019 | Home Improvement

Shutters on your windows are decorative features that can bring life and personality to your home. When choosing the design, consider the color of your home and the details of some of the decorations in your yard. Here are a few ideas to consider when selecting window shutters in Fort Lauderdale that can make your home as unique as possible.

Designs That Stand Out

A design option that’s available is one that is raised. The shutters create more of a 3D appearance on the side of your home and add dimension where other window treatments usually don’t. This design features panels that are placed on the sides of each window. Some raised shutters will fold so that you can close them over the window, preventing light from getting into the room.

Wide Shutters

If you have larger windows, then consider wide window shutters in Fort Lauderdale that can highlight the details of the panes of glass. This type of shutter design is often made with multiple boards instead of just one. There are often hinges or other pieces of hardware connecting the boards together. Wide shutters can create a farmhouse design on the exterior of your home and often work well with vertical windows instead of those that are square.

Combining Designs

Don’t be afraid to combine different shutter designs. Keep in mind that the color you choose would work best if it contrasts with the color of your home. Consider matching the shutters with the trim of your home or with details on your porch.

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