The Importance of Gutter Cleaning in Dallas, TX

A house is not typically built directly on the ground; instead, houses are built on slabs of concrete that are called foundations. The concrete slab sits on top of the ground to protect the home from shifting ground and erosion. Furthermore, if a home is built on significantly unstable ground, the foundation might have pilings. Pilings are vertical pillars that were built under the foundation and help to stabilize it against erosion and shifting. The greatest danger to your foundation is erosion from wind and water. If you do not have gutters or have gutters that are open, water will collect around the base of your house. That water will erode the soil around your house and undermine the foundation. Eventually, the foundation will begin to shift and move, which will cause serious problems for your house. Gutter cleaning and maintenance keeps your house in solid shape.

Foundation Problems

Foundation problems manifest in many different ways. The most common sign that you’ll see is vertical cracks in the facade of your house. Those are problems that you can avoid with a good gutter cleaning in Dallas, TX.

A good gutter cleaning also offers you many different options for where to direct water. The gutter’s primary purpose is to direct water away from your house; however, you should talk with a reliable gutter cleaning professional about where you should direct the water. Many people choose to direct the water into rain barrels. A rain barrel is a great choice because you can collect water to water your plants and lawn in case you go a few weeks without rain.

You can also direct water further away from your house or to a drain. There are many options for what to do with your water runoff so you should work with professionals to design a plan.

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