The Benefits of Installing a Digital Surveillance System

Keeping your company safe when you can’t be there is a hard task to accomplish. When your buildings aren’t occupied, they make a perfect place for intruders to steal from. While you could hire a security officer to help you maintain the safety of your facilities, they are expensive, and cannot be everywhere at one time. An easy and affordable solution is to install a Digital Surveillance system so you can keep a watchful eye. If you’ve thought a surveillance system would work for you, but wern’t sure of the benefits, keep reading. The following are just a few of the many perks you will get when you have a camera system installed in your buildings.

Access Video Streams From Anywhere

A digital system will give you the ability to view streams from your cameras anywhere you have a reliable internet connection. Whether you are at home or away on a business trip, you will be able to see what is going on in your facilities with the touch of a button. Many systems are also compatible with mobile phones and can give you access to your video streams using an app that will allow you to choose which cameras you want to view and rotate cameras to scan an entire area.

Record Footage for Future Reference

A Digital Surveillance system will record footage that you can view later should an incident occur that needs your attention. This is helpful in determining what caused a security breach, and can be submitted to a court of law as evidence and used to prosecute the offender.

Motion Activated Options for Conserving Storage Space

If you want to record all activity, but don’t have enough storage space to retain those files, consider using motion activated cameras. This will only record when motion is detected, which helps reduce the amount of footage that your cameras save, but always captures important events. Stay protected without breaking the bank by choosing motion activated cameras for your surveillance system.You owe it to yourself to keep your company safe from threats. If you feel a surveillance system is right for you, contact the alarm and security camera experts at We Monitor Alarms Inc. They will help you design a system that will offer ultimate protection on a budget. Call them today to learn more and get your free quote, so you can see how affordable peace of mind should be.

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