Advantages of Using a Residential Keyless Entry System in Your Home

by | Oct 18, 2021 | Security

Using traditional keys for household entry can be inconvenient when keys are lost. It can also be a hassle to fumble through keys on a ring to find the entry key for a home. To keep these situations from occurring, it’s a good idea to consider a Keyless Entry System for a residence. The following information will give insight into the benefits of this entry system.

One of the major advantages of using a Keyless Entry System is safety. Losing keys gives intruders the chance to enter a home. Leaving keys in a hidden area also provides an opportunity for unauthorized entry into a house. Coming home at night and struggling to find the right key can also pose a safety hazard. A keyless door lock enables homeowners to quickly access their homes by punching in a code, using a remote, or by using fingerprint recognition. Many of these lock systems also combine a traditional lock system so homeowners can use either entry method.

A keyless door lock enables homeowners to have control over the people that enter their residences. This system can be programmed to allow entrance during certain times of the day. Homeowners can also keep track of the times the keyless door lock was operated, both successfully and unsuccessfully. Knowing this can save a homeowner from entering a home when there is an intruder present.

Many keyless door locks can be fully integrated into a home smart system. For instance, some keyless lock systems allow people to lock all doors in a home from a personal computer or tablet. Numerous keyless lock systems allow an entry lamp to be turned on when a person is returning home after dark. Homeowners can also control their thermostat settings and receive text messages when a loved one has arrived home safely.

Most of these electronic locks are easy to operate and maintain. Some keyless lock systems can be monitored from a central location by customer service representatives. Learning about these benefits will allow homeowners to compare this type of entry system to using a traditional key. For more information on this entry system, please talk to a professional at Able Lock Shop. This business can handle residential and commercial services. You can like them on Facebook.

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