Talk to Roofing Contractors in Blue Ash OH About Maintenance Now

by | Mar 15, 2019 | Roofing

Now is a great time to contact a roofing expert about repairs or maintenance. It’s important to get any issues resolved before winter weather returns to prevent snow and ice damage from causing additional problems. The area’s top experts can help with any roofing problem to eliminate winter weather roofing issues.

Start With an Inspection

The first step is always determining what, if anything, needs to be done. Roofing professionals encourage area homeowners to have their roofs inspected annually to take care of any problems and prevent other issues from developing. Roofing pros will explore every inch of the roof to locate damage that could cause leaks. That includes looking carefully at all valleys and chimney flashings to make sure they haven’t suffered any damage. Since leaks often start around vents or other roof penetrations, they’ll make sure those areas will be able to handle the weather this winter.

Roof Repairs or Replacement?

Roofing contractors in Blue Ash OH will, as a rule, evaluate a home’s roof and recommend repairs, rather than replacements, whenever possible. Replacing a roof is an expensive proposition, so preserving the existing roof will the goal. Replacing missing or damaged shingles, repairing flashings, and even maintaining gutters are all important tasks and will tend to prolong the life of most existing roofs. However, at some point, roofing materials will have to be replaced.

When a replacement is needed, the roofer will provide homeowners with different options. While basic three-tab shingles are still commonly used, most roofing professionals will suggest upgrading to a better shingle as they are able to withstand the battering Mother Nature tends to throw at them. Of course, cedar shakes and other options are also available when the situation calls for them.

Discuss Other Home Improvements at the Same Time

Area contractors like  Roofing, Inc also offer other home improvement services homeowners can take advantage of at the same the roof is being worked on. Siding and gutters can easily be installed at the same time the roof is being replaced or repaired, and taking care of those needs while the roof is worked on often saves money. Discuss the options with the Roofing contractors in Blue Ash OH today.

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