Learning About the Variety of Oak Trees in San Antonio

People who move from a northern state to the San Antonio area know they have a lot to learn about the region’s botany. The trees and other plants they can easily grow on their property may be quite different from what they’re accustomed to back home. Fortunately, the local environment does support much of the botanical world that also thrives in a cooler climate. Oak trees in San Antonio, for example, are favorites for their abundant shade and elegant appearance. They do well in both hot and cold weather.

Some species of oak in this part of Texas are different from those commonly grown in the northeast, midwest and northwest. However, most oak trees of various species generally look similar to a certain extent, and the northerners will find satisfaction in this. They also may find it fun to experiment with growing more unusual versions of Oak Trees in San Antonio, such as the Mexican Blue and the Lacey oak. The leaves of these two trees are remarkably different from those of most other oaks. The same is true of the Escarpment Live Oak. The Texas red oak is another possibility that brings a sense of both familiarity and newness. For a feeling of being back home, they may want to have a white oak or two planted in the yard. The shade provided by all these species is beneficial for smaller plants that don’t do well in the hot sunshine common to the San Antonio region. Birds and squirrels also greatly appreciate the trees for places to nest and get food.

What should these new Texas residents know about caring for their trees? The main factor is that oaks need a certain amount of water, so providing water during times of drought is helpful. Many homeowners in this area have sprinkler systems so they can make sure the grass and other plants in their yards stay healthy. Contact Alfaro Tree Sales to find out more about oak trees that are available for purchase and how to schedule a planting session. The representatives can answer questions about trees that grow very well in this area and about caring for them.

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