It May be Time for Mice Removal in Minneapolis

by | Sep 21, 2016 | Pest Control

The slight rustling noise that occurs when the house is quiet may be the only indication that something is living inside of the walls. Rather than simply ignoring it, it might be a good idea to have it checked it out. Rodents can make their way inside through tiny openings that are often missed by a quick visual inspection. Once inside, these pests can cause a wide range of problems, including health issues and property damage. It may be time for mice removal in Minneapolis before the problem multiplies. A professional exterminator can safely remove the rodents while closing off entryways to prevent these stealthy visitors from making a return visit.

Rodents are nocturnal animals. These means that they are mainly active in the evening hours. When they make their way inside of a home, it’s important to have them removed as soon as possible. Rats and mice carry diseases, bacteria, viruses and parasites, all of which can be passed on to humans. As mice venture out of the walls and ceiling to look for a food source, the pantry may be the first place they seek out. Holes in boxes and bags can provide visual evidence that rodents have moved in. As the mice venture about, they will leave dropping and urine trails behind to mark the way back to the food source. Unfortunately, humans and pets often become ill from ingesting rodent particles that have made their way into the food itself. Rodent hair and droppings can also be transported through the air, causing respiratory problems for those who breathe it in. For health and safety reasons Mice Removal in Minneapolis should be done as soon as any evidence of rodent life is noticed.

Rodents can damage property too. As these pests build their nests in the walls and ceiling, they often chew through wires and other objects that are in the way. This can lead to a possible fire, if not found and corrected. Rats and mice can also chew through PVC plumbing pipes and cause water leaks. A professional exterminator should check for damaged pipes and wires while removing these pesky critters. A good exterminator will also clean up the urine and droppings so that the environment is no longer contaminated. If a rodent problem is suspected, it may be time to get more information on how to safely remove them.

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