Is Flea & Tick Removal Really That Hard?

by | Feb 3, 2017 | Pest Control

Flea & Tick Removal can be very tricky. The little bugs are very resilient. Fleas and ticks are usually brought inside a home from the outside. When a pet is allowed to roam outside without flea and tick protection, the animal can easily transport the bugs back inside the home. Fleas and ticks can also be brought to a home from individuals who like to enjoy the outdoors. A simple camping or hiking trip can lead to an infestation. Fortunately, once a person knows how to protect themselves from these bugs, they can significantly lower their chance of having a problem or getting one again.

Flea & Tick Removal often starts with treating pets. There are several shampoos that can be used to help deal with fleas. When using the shampoos, it’s important to be thorough. If the animal isn’t accustomed to bathing, it can be hard to treat the animal with shampoo. In that case, using a professional groomer might be the best option. Ticks can be removed manually. A pet owner can use tweezers while wearing gloves to get rid of the ticks. Taking the animal to the vet to get ticks manually removed is also an option.

Contacting Bowman Termite & Pest Management LLC or another exterminator is the best option to ensure that fleas and ticks are completely removed, but there is some hope for homeowners who want to do the task on their own. The entire home must be cleaned after fleas or ticks are discovered. Vacuuming might not be enough. A person might want to consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning service and tell them that bugs were recently discovered in the home. All clothing and bedding also needs to be thoroughly cleaned. Concentrating on areas where pets are usually located will help. A pet’s food dishes should also be cleaned.

After the home is cleaned, using an insecticide that is especially formulated to get rid of fleas and ticks will help. Care must be taken to not overdo it with the insecticide. If the cleaning the home, treating the pets, and using insecticide aren’t enough to deal with the problem, and exterminator must be contacted. To see their business reviews visit Yelp page.

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