Installation of New HVAC Systems During Construction of Additions to Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes, commonly called mobile homes, generally come with a furnace. These structures are generally set up on crawlspaces that contain the necessary ductwork for the furnace. A company that installs HVAC systems can also add a central air system that works with the furnace’s air exchanger. Now the manufactured home has full climate control all year round.

In some areas, people use manufactured homes as weekend and vacation properties. These structures often are placed on an acre or two of land in a rural neighborhood that also contains a combination of cottages, cabins, and larger houses. Some property owners eventually move to the vacation home as a full-time residence. They might do so after retiring, for example. Converting the home to a full-time residence may include the addition of more living space by a building contractor and even a basement under the addition.

If the furnace is many years old and coming due for replacement, a company that installs HVAC systems can remove the old one from the manufactured home and install a new one in the basement, hooking up the central air system there. This is usually preferable to having a furnace taking up space on the main floor, and it opens up that space for another use. The property owners might convert the area into a closet or a small half-bathroom.

Furnaces in mobile homes often are situated between the main living space and the bedrooms on one end. This makes them at least somewhat centrally located. If the property owner has a basement constructed at one end of the building and a new furnace is installed there, more ductwork may be needed to keep the far end of the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

A company such as Arctic Heating & Air Conditioning calculates the right size and capacity of the furnace for the square footage of the building. Choosing greater capacity isn’t always the most efficient solution to a problem with the furnace at one end of a long building. Mobile home owners who are planning an expansion may visit the website for contact details.

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