How Exterminators in Pasadena Keep Clients Healthy and Safe

by | Jul 21, 2016 | Pest Control

The California climate that attracts so many residents also makes the area ideal for insects and animals. That is not a problem until outdoor creatures begin moving into homes. The unwanted visitors can carry diseases and even destroy building materials. Fortunately, experts like Accutech Pest Management will find and remove every type of insect or animal intruder. Exterminators in Pasadena can even eliminate and prevent nearly invisible termites and bed bugs.

Professionals Immediately Identify All Problems

Many homeowners schedule professional inspections through websites like us after failed attempts at DIY pest control. The main problem is usually that untrained homeowners simply cannot find all of the pests. Professional Exterminators in Pasadena are carefully trained to spot the signs of hidden invaders. They understand what insects and animals eat, where they nest, and their long-term affects. Professionals will quickly locate and remove intruders that bite, scratch, or import diseases like Lyme Disease and West Nile virus.

Technicians Identify and Control Termites

Termites are almost impossible for untrained homeowners to remove even if they could see them. The insects generally live hidden away for most of the year while they eat building materials, breed, and raise their young. Many residents only recognize the problem when the bugs swarm, usually during one season a year. Even then, some people do not realize that the clouds of insects are living in their homes. In contrast, professionals easily notice the tiniest signs of termites and can create plans to remove every one of them. They typically apply liquids insecticides to home perimeters, install baits, and monitor homes.

Specialists Can Take Out Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are an old problem that is resurfacing. The bugs, which bite victims as they sleep, are extremely hard to see. That means they can infest homes before anyone realizes the insects have moved in. At one time, the only treatment was to destroy most belongings. Today, exterminators use multi-step programs that can clear homes of the tiny, fast-breeding bugs. They guarantee results and will schedule future inspections to eliminate any future bed bugs.

Professional exterminators can remove just about any insect or animal pest, which is rarely true of homeowners. Experts have the training and experience to quickly find all pests and design effective plans to remove them.

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