Earwigs Control Services in Fairfax, VA: Understanding Is Half the Battle

by | Oct 23, 2019 | Pest Control

Dozens of pests are continually roaming around the country in search of food and suitable homes. They range from nearly microscopic insects to sizable creatures. Some slither silently on their bellies while others use their claws to make matters simpler. On the smaller, comparably less harmful end of the spectrum are earwigs. Though Earwigs Control Services in Fairfax VA can help rid a home of these small insects, understanding them goes a long way toward keeping them from invading.

Earwigs Explained

Earwigs are easily identifiable by their slim, reddish-brown bodies measuring roughly three quarters of an inch long and equipped with pincers on their tail ends. They’re fast-moving little creatures that are drawn to dark, damp spaces particularly if their favorite food sources are close at hand. Though they prefer dead plant materials, they’ll gladly feast on living garden plants, worms, smaller insects and anything else they can find. While they typically stick to outdoor homes, they’ll come inside if necessary.

For the most part, earwigs show up during rainy seasons because they enjoy damp areas. That being said, overly wet environments drive them to drier pastures. These often come in the form of human homes. They may not be dangerous or destructive, but seeing these pincer-laden insects in your home can be a bit unnerving.

Keeping Earwigs at Bay

Keeping earwigs from invading isn’t a surefire effort, but certain measures discourage them from becoming unwanted and nonpaying tenants. Since they’re fond of damp wood and decaying plants, experts recommend keeping woodpiles away from the home rather than nearby. Some DIY authorities also suggest mixing equal parts soy sauce and olive oil in a bowl covered with a punctured and burying the bowl up to its lid. This attracts earwigs before they reach your home and prevents them from escaping.

If they’re already in your home, Earwigs Control Services in Fairfax VA can help get rid of them. Also, keeping fresh fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator rather than on the counter can be beneficial. Consider placing house plants outside for a while until the earwigs disappear as well.

Earwigs aren’t dangerous, and the myths about them burrowing into people’s brains as they sleep are nothing but false lore. Still, you certainly don’t want them inside your home feasting on your fresh fruits and veggies. Browse Pest Management Services to learn more about earwig control or to schedule an appointment for help with an invasion. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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