Doing Appliance Repair in Worcester MA When A Refrigerator Leaks

by | Aug 30, 2017 | Appliance Repair

When water is noticed pooling up under a refrigerator unit, steps will need to be taken to ensure Appliance Repair in Worcester MA is done to eliminate the problem. While most people will call a specialist to do an assessment of the unit, there are a few steps that can be taken beforehand to rule out easy to fix problems. Here are a few spots to look at when dealing with a leaking refrigerator.

Take A Look At The Door’s Gasket

The gasket installed on the door provides a seal to keep cool air in the unit. If this gasket has become worn, warm air can make its way inside a refrigerator. This, in turn would cause condensation to occur, possible leading to moisture seeping out of the appliance. Check that the door remains in a closed position when pulling on it slightly. If the door swings open without resistance, the gasket may need to be replaced. A gasket with cracks or rips in it should be removed and replaced.

Make Sure The Tubing Is Not Blocked

There is a tube that runs from the freezer section of a refrigerator to the drip pan underneath the unit. This removes condensation effectively, so it does not end up on food products in the unit. If the water in the tubing becomes frozen, it can lead to water not being able to escape the freezer. This water may drip into the unit as a result. An ice blockage can be removed with the addition of heat via a hair dryer. Allowing the refrigerator to defrost for several hours can also alleviate this problem.

Check The Drip Pan For Damage

If the pan underneath a refrigerator has damage in the form of a crack or hole, water collected via the tubing system will not remain inside. This pan can be checked by sliding it out from under the refrigerator. Hardware may need to be removed if a front panel is installed to secure the pan.
When there is a need to find a service that does Appliance Repair in Worcester MA, using one with great pricing is usually desired. Schedule an appointment for service today.

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