Why There Is a Rising Demand for Residential Poured Flooring in NY

by | Nov 6, 2017 | Flooring

When New York homeowners want to make a personal decorating statement, many opt for unique flooring materials. After all, home floors are some of the most visible surfaces, and they can change the entire look of a space. Poured Flooring in NY has become an especially popular alternative to traditional woods, carpets, and tile. Homeowners are often drawn to its sleek appearance and versatility. It is also exceptionally durable and one of the most sanitary flooring surfaces.

Design Choices Are Almost Unlimited

Residents who are fans of industrial chic decorating may install Poured Flooring in NY homes. Their design choices often include accents like stainless steel and exposed building materials that blend seamlessly with cool, glossy epoxy flooring. Homeowners also opt for the tough, beautiful finishes when they want to make a personal statement. Poured floors make that easy because the companies providing them offer a huge range of patterns and colors that are easily customized.

Floors Are Safe and Sanitary

Poured floors are also popular among those who want elegant surfaces that are safe to walk on and easily cleaned. Once flooring materials are poured, hardened, and coated, they can be kept sparkling clean with just mopping. They are also resistant to harsh substances, so even if homeowners spill chemicals on surfaces, they will not be destroyed. Poured floors are safe to walk on because they are slip resistant. They are also impact and fire resistant.

Poured Flooring Is Exceptionally Durable

Clients who want the most durable flooring also visit sites like us  and research poured floors. Most find they can choose from a variety of epoxy, resin, or Terrazzo materials that are ideal for high-traffic areas. Options range from light and beautiful living and dining room materials to those that are ideal for garage floors. Poured floors last for many years and can be professionally restored if they are severely damaged or stained.

Poured flooring is becoming a popular choice for homes because it offers a wide range of chic decorating options. Homeowners also install poured floors when they want exceptionally durable, easy-to-clean surfaces that retain their beauty for years even when exposed to heavy traffic. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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