What is Involved in Flood Damage Restoration?

by | Apr 4, 2016 | Roofing & Restoration

Flood Damage Restoration consists of much more that collecting most of the water with a wet/dry vacuum, and letting the rest dry out for a few days. Flood from a burst pipe, for example, will contain grey water, which is full of bacteria and contaminates. Flood from heavy rain or a river overflowing the banks will contain debris, algae, or acid. There will also be mold remediation involved, since mold spreads within forty-eight hours of being exposed to a water source. The water will have to be professionally extracted with advanced equipment.

Most porous items, such as fabric furniture, carpets, and mattresses, will have to be thrown away and replaced, because there is no way to completely clean them properly. Even after they appear to be totally dry, moisture, bacteria, and mold will still be present. That will cause unhealthy conditions, such as illness, increases in symptoms of asthma or allergies, and possible chronic respiratory conditions. Replacing walls and beams, ripping up floor boards and sub flooring, and resurfacing wood may also be needed when completing Flood Damage Restoration.

An experienced company will be able to provide complete cleaning and restoration services, including repairs, dry wall, and insulation replacement. Most will also work directly with insurance companies to expedite approvals, and get the building back to original condition. Submitting paperwork, providing detailed information and competitive estimates, and explaining the extent of restoration needed can help a family return to normal as soon as possible. Floods can be stressful, so not having to deal with the insurance company allows families time to attend to their most immediate needs.

People needing restoration should call for services immediately to get the process started. Severe damage can weaken structures quickly, making them unsafe. Twenty-four hour emergency service can make a big difference when it comes to preventing further damage, saving belongings, and securing structures. Free inspections can help professionals assess damage, and recommend effective plans of action. Go to Sitename for information regarding processes, experience, and capabilities. A phone number is also available for immediate service in the event of a flood. Before and after pictures of past projects, as well as helpful links are also provided.

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