Vinyl Siding Repair – Here’s What You Can Do

by | Apr 7, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

siding1Your lovely Alpharetta home is perfect except for one thing. Maybe you have holes or cracks in your vinyl siding. If they are not too large (and there are not too many of them), you can repair vinyl to look almost as good as new. Here are tips on vinyl siding repair to make the job easier.

Get Replacement Siding

If you have extra siding at home, you are in luck. If not, you may need to buy some or take a section off the house that no one will notice. This ensures a good match.

Remove the Bad Place

Use a utility knife and framing square to cut out a piece of siding. Pull the vinyl piece out and away from the home exterior. To cut through the bottom, you’ll need a pair of sharp snips.

Use a Siding Removal Tool

Don’t pull on the vinyl to remove it. You could tear it or damage other pieces. Instead, go to your local hardware store or Alpharetta improvement center and buy a special tool for the job. It’s called a zip tool, and it’s perfect for your siding repair project.

Cut Your Replacement Piece Longer than You Need

When you cut out the damaged vinyl, measure and cut the replacement piece about two inches longer than the old piece. Before installing, you’ll need to cut a couple of inches off the top and bottom, so the new piece fits flush.

Loose Nailing

Place the nails in the middle of the slot and don’t nail tightly. This allows for contraction and expansion. Next, use the zip tool to complete the installation.

Talk to Siding Repair Professionals in Alpharetta

If you have no idea what you are doing and don’t want to damage your home, contact a trusted siding contractor. They provide expert repairs and many other services.

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