Top Timeless Trends for Your Kitchen

When it’s time to remodel your home, you will undoubtedly wonder if the designs you choose today will be relevant and visually appealing five, ten, fifteen years down the road or even farther in the future. An investment in home décor and design is an investment for your family’s present and future, so you naturally want to safeguard that investment by choosing something you’ll love for years. Here are some kitchen design trends that are both contemporary and classic – and aren’t likely to fall out of fashion or favor anytime soon!

The Quartz Countertop

Granite countertops require sealing, scrubbing and more that can be laborious and make them far more trouble than they’re worth. Quartz is much easier in terms of upkeep, and are just as long-lasting as granite styles. Their muted colors and shiny finishes make them a choice that will match any taste and any renovation you may choose.

Open, Airy Floorplans

Knocking out walls and drawing your family together around large, open-air tables creates a cozy feeling without making things cramped.

Islands that Pull Double Duty

Kitchen islands are typically used either for dining or for prep and cleaning space – but why not have yours tackle multiple jobs? A space that moves from prep to dining to clean up and beyond is not only a gorgeous, modern feature for your space, it’s one that will be well-used and loved for years to come.

Hidden or Integrated Appliances

Hiding your appliances away isn’t just a way to instantly increase the visual appeal of your kitchen space. It’s also an element of kitchen design that allows you to keep things safe and out of the way of children and pets – and gives you more storage and prep space to utilize when your appliances are not in use. Ask your kitchen and bath designer about how to tuck your appliances away while keeping them well within reach.

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