Tips for Choosing Tile Flooring in Stuart, Florida

by | Oct 18, 2019 | Flooring

One of the more popular options for flooring is tile. Depending on your tastes, your budget, and which rooms you plan to put new flooring in, there are any number of options available to choose from. Taking a few things into consideration will make choosing from the tile flooring Stuart, Florida companies have available easier.

Check the PEI Rating of the Tile

The Porcelain Enamel Institute rates the hardness of different tiles. Use this rating to make sure that the tile is hard enough for the place you plan to use it. For example, a class III tile is only suitable for areas where there is light or moderate traffic, meaning you wouldn’t want to put it in an entryway or kitchen. You need class IV or class V tile for use in these higher traffic areas of the home.

Check the Porosity of the Tile

You also need to investigate the porosity of the tile flooring Stuart, Florida companies are selling. This is a measure of how water resistant the floor tile is. If you’re planning to use the tile in the kitchen or bathroom where it will get wet, choose a tile with a rating of impervious.

Consider the Slip Resistance of the Tile

If you’re going to be walking on the tile at all, and especially if the tile will be used in the kitchen or bathroom, look for an option that is naturally slip-resistant or have a slip-resistant coating added to the tile. You don’t want to have to worry about anyone slipping and falling if the tile gets wet or someone has wet shoes on.

Determine the Look You’re Going For

Other factors that merit some consideration include the color, pattern, and shape of the tile. You can even play around with different layouts to give the room an entirely different look. Remember that lighter tiles tend to make the room look larger, darker tiles tend to make the room look warmer, and tiles with mixed colors tend to make dirt less noticeable.

Click here for more information on the flooring options available. The right tile will add to both the beauty and the functionality of your home.

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