The Many Types of Wood Suitable for Kitchen Cabinets in Naples FL

Choosing the best type of wood for Kitchen Cabinets in Naples FL depends on a variety of factors. The vast majority of cabinetry is made of hardwood except for homeowners who want a kitchen that looks quite rustic in a country or cabin style. Knotty pine is essentially the only wood used for kitchen cabinets when those features are constructed by professionals. It’s the most affordable wood for cabinetry.

In contrast, a broad range of hardwood species are used for Kitchen Cabinets in Naples FL. Red and white oak, cherry and maple tend to be the most popular wood species in kitchens throughout the country. All have a deep, rich color and are not easily scratched during ordinary use. Colors vary to a certain extent within each species. Red oak, for instance, can be purchased in shades ranging from light to medium brown. The red hue can be remarkable or very subtle. White oak also is available in this range of colors but with more of an ash blond to ash brown appearance that people learn to identify with practice.

The grain patterns are different between red and white oak as well. Red oak is known for more noticeable patterns that include swirls and even zigzags. It gives a more definitive appearance of texture. Many people like this bold effect, but others prefer patterns that are less eye-catching. In regard to grain, cherry has a more consistent pattern than oak, and many homeowners prefer this. As its name indicates, cherry cabinets usually are reddish brown. Interestingly, though, cherry cabinetry is available in colors so light they are almost white. This wood tends to be more expensive than the other popular selections. In contrast, maple is lighter in color and more similar to white oak in its hues. However, the texture is smoother than oak or cherry.

A supplier such as EBL Interiors Bonita Springs FL has other options available too. Birch cabinets can save a homeowner money if oak, maple or cherry aren’t in the budget. Hickory and alder and other possibilities. Walnut, like cherry, has a consistent grain pattern, while pecan wood looks more dramatic in both color and patterning.

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